Moone Boy 2

The second series of Moone Boy opens during Ireland’s historic soccer victories (and draw-ings) at the World Cup in the summer of 1990; when not even a family holiday to a very wet Donegal can dampen Martin’s hope for the team – or his determination to escape that “foreign land” and get back on Boyle soil.Moone-Boy-dirty-dancing

After the summer holidays it’s a time of great change for Martin when he starts at his new secondary school and promptly develops a crush on his “beautiful, mental” art-teacher, Miss Tivnan (Amy Huberman); who he tries to impress with his slick moves at the school dance. But true love truly blossoms when a group of Travellers move into the field next to the Moone home – and Martin meets the lovely Majella.

Other highlights from the series include an epic golf battle between Liam and his old rival, Kevin ‘The Leech’ Leech; a religious-themed stag party; a Halloween adventure on a river raft that leads to an encounter with the mysterious Island Joe (Pat Shortt); and a St. Patrick’s Day parade in the middle of Boyle that non of the Moones will quickly forget.