Sky unveils Moone Boy Series 3 guest stars

moone_boy_series2_bSir Terry Wogan and Sharon Horgan are amongst the guest stars who will appear in the new series of Moone Boy.

The hit Sky1 sitcom returns for its third series on Monday 2nd March, once again starring David Rawle as Martin Moone, a youngster in small town Ireland, and Chris O’Dowd – who also co-created and co-writes the series – as his imaginary best friend, Sean Murphy.

Sky explain: “Now in the 1990s but in no hurry to grow up, Martin Moone and his imaginary pal Sean Murphy, plus best mate Padraic, enjoy a fresh batch of escapades, from becoming door-to-door salesman and hunting for UFOs to wrangling pet donkey Donkey Kong.

“The Moone household, meanwhile, is at bursting point following the addition of Dessie and baby Rose to the chaotic brood.”

Moving on from the late 1980s of Series 1 and 2, Series 3 of Moone Boy will also feature guests John Sessions and Bronagh Gallagher (Pramface).

Sir Terry Wogan will play the host of a home video show in an episode that sees Martin and Padraic attempt to film an hilarious clip in a bid to be featured on TV.

Sharon Horgan plays Sharon Morgan, a high powered, yoga-loving entrepreneur and ex-girlfriend of Martin’s dad, Liam. Sharon left Boyle for London many years ago leaving a madly in love Liam behind. Both Debra and Liam get a surprise when they unexpectedly run into her whilst on a 20th wedding anniversary break away.

John Sessions is Dr Steven Gnot, local conspiracy theorist and radio presenter of “Believe It Or Not with Dr Steven Gnot”. He investigates the many anomalies that occur in Boyle, a town which is well-known to be Ireland’s foremost UFO hot-spot.

Meanwhile Bronagh Gallagher will star as Pat O’Dwyer, Padraic’s mother.

Alongside the series’ regular core cast, Johnny Vegas and Simon Delaney also return, as Padraic’s imaginary friend, Crunchie ‘Danger’ Haystacks and Gerry, respectively.

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