Steve Coogan’s on the Telly… Back of the net!

Steve-Coogans-On-The-Telly-16x9-1Steve Coogan will join Gold for six weekends this summer in a special season of programmes celebrating both his career and his most iconic characters. Coogan will introduce each of his classic series, which include I’m Alan Partridge, The Trip, Saxondale, and Knowing Me, Knowing You, with brand new specially-shot idents and voice-over links. Each weekend night will begin with Coogan’s most renowned creation and Norfolk’s premier broadcaster, Alan Partridge.

Saturday 26 July

9pm: I’m Alan Partridge – Series1, Episode 1: A Room With Alan – Armed with some brilliant programme ideas and a clump of cheese, Alan meets a BBC commissioner. Monkey tennis!?!

9.40pm: Knowing Me, Knowing You – Series 1, Episode 1 – Steve Coogan’s spoof chat show hosted by the hapless Alan Partridge. Guests include champion showjumper Sue Lewis, singer Shona McGough and her band, and presenter Keith Hunt.

10.20pm: Saxondale – Series 1, Episode 1 – Tommy falls foul of animal rights protestors.

11pm: Steve Coogan: The Inside Story – An unconventional look at Steve Coogan’s TV work.

Sunday 27 July

9pm: I’m Alan Partridge – Series 1, Episode 2: Alan Attraction – Alan has failed to get a second TV series and is days away from bankruptcy. Might the charms of receptionist Jill and a chocolate mousse provide some relief?

9.40pm: The Trip – Series 1, Episode 1: The Inn At Whitelaw – Channel Premiere. Steve agrees to review six restaurants in the north of England and takes Rob Brydon along for the ride.

10.20pm: Saxondale – Series 1, Episode 2 – Tommy deals with some celebrity clients.

11pm: Coogan’s Run – Episode 1: Get Calf – Paul Calf sees some merit in taking up religion.

11.35pm: Dr Terrible’s House of Horrible – Episode 1 – Hans Brocken and his beautiful bride find themselves trapped in a remote castle, at the mercy of undead ladies.

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